Library of Monster

One day, when the Rabbit goes out to play, there is a monster! If you follow your instincts and take a step forward, the world will expand. Enjoy the excitement with Rabbit. This is a frame split picture book with few words. This is a publication debut work.


Endpaper The first page Title

Publication date: October 2019
Publisher: Dainippon Tosho
From 4 years old, A4 size, 32 pages
Price: 1,430 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 9784477033471

Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch3 Sketch4 Sketch5 Sketch6

Click on the image above to see the process of making the painting. This is the first picture. I felt the story in this picture and started to make a picture book.

A mountain of roughs

This is a pile of picture book prototypes that I fixed with the editor. I read it in kindergarten and repeated trial and error.

This is a tweet I remembered when I was having a hard time. The library could be a place for people who have nowhere else to go, as one of the possibilities.

Tweet of Kamakura City Library

"Kamakura City Library
Two semesters coming soon. A child who is so hard to start school should take a break from school and come to the library. There are comics and light novels. Nobody says anything even after a day. If you think you're going to die from September, remember the library as a place to escape."

I believe that reading books is not only an escape and a healing, but also gives us the strength to face ourselves, to separate and confront ourselves and our society. It may be especially necessary for children born with a hard mode life.

I used colored pencils and acrylics. There are more than 50 characters, and each one appears at least 3 times, so I made a color scheme. So that I could draw even when I was in a daze.

color scheme

This is the original picture exhibition.


The book spine poetry expresses the joy of being published.

Book spine poetry

"Toward a dream"
"Two billion light years of loneliness"
"I'll come"
"The pleasure of drawing a picture"
"When I look back"
"Picture book painter's diary"
"Mysterious library"

This is a YouTube video I made because I was too happy.

It was my first autographed book, and I was nervous that I practiced the patterns beforehand.

my first autographed book

I hope that many people will read this book. And I'd be happy if even one person would fall deeply in love with it.

Fukui Rie

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